Learning jQuery

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a fast, light-weight, and feature-rich JavaScript library that provides easy access to the HTML DOM (traversal, manipulation, animation). It works across a multitude of browser versions, providing reliable and "graceful" degradation of functionality when running in older and less powerful browsers. Click here to see your first jQuery examples.

jQuery is easy to learn because it uses CSS selector syntax to identify which DOM elements will be effected by jQuery code. Like javaScript, jQuery lets you define event handling functions. How to debug jQuery: since jQuery is actually javascript, you can use the console.log() just as you did in javascript. Be sure to use Chrome and open up the built-in (F12) then click on the "console" tab.

W3schools jQuery References and sample code:

Additional jQuery References (that go into more depth than W3Schools):

jQuery Sample Code

Click the play button to run. Right click and "View Source" to see the code.

Sample home page using jQuery (right navigation bar).

Using jQuery to let the user move tiles around to spell "Temple".

A home page that uses a background image for its navigation (girls on stage).

The page I used to figure out background positions for all the girl's faces.

Click here for a zip file of the "girls on stage" sample code.