ReAct (JavaScript Library for Building Web User Interfaces)

What is React? Why Learn It?

React is a JavaScript library for building reusable web components. A web component is part of a page that consists of some HTML code (to show the component visually), some CSS (to style it), and some JavaScript (to add functionality). We use React to create Single Page Applications (SPA: a single HTML page that achieves code reuse by having JavaScript inject content depending on user interactions). React (library) is preferred over competing Angular and Vue SPA frameworks and gaining popularity (see diagram with download stats -- React is the green). Click here if you want to see the most recent download stats.

When selecting which framework or library you want to learn, pay attention to its reviews, longevity, future, hiring demand, and how it is being supported. Angular was created and is being supported by Google. React was created and is being supported by Facebook (it was open sourced in 2013). Vue was created by Evan You (an ex-Google employee) and is being supported by an open source community.

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