Contact Information

Sally Kyvernitis (Key-ver-NEE-tees) (this is the best & quickest way to reach me)

330 SERC, 1925 North 12th Street (between Norris & Polett Walk)
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Office Hours:

Click here to make an appointment to come to my office -OR- walk in during listed appointment times (but preference is given to those with appointments) -OR- email me your question.

  • If you are my student and your question is programming related, save a zip file of your project to your Google Drive and then share it with me ( and email me an explanation of the problem.
  • If your question is advising related, be sure to include your TU ID and phone number (in case a call back is warranted). If relevant, also include an unofficial copy of your transcript from any other colleges.
Undergraduate Advising:
  • For an overview regarding Temple CIS Academic Programs, read this FAQ or visit
  • BS/CS program requirements can be found here.
    • To avoid delaying your graduation date, study the CS pre-req diagram by clicking here.
    • To change your major or minor to Computer Science, click here. We have had to reserve seats for our majors, so you must declare to be eligible for these seats. FYI: the process takes some time to complete.
    • Contact CST advising at 215 204-2890 or for general undergraduate advising - they handle all PINs (new student, academic probation), non-major course requirements, and requests to take a course for the 3rd time. Ask them to provide you with a graduation review, once you have completed 90 credits.
  • To learn about the Digital Media Minor, click here. I can answer questions about the CIS part of this joint minor. For the Media Studies part, contact MSP Advising. You can declare a Digital Media Minor with either CST advising or MSP Advising.
  • To learn about Temple CIS Academic Programs, read this unofficial FAQ or visit and click on "academics".
  • If you have a visa related question, contact ISSS. Click here for their CPT form (allows foreign students to work outside the university while they are in school). Click here for information about OPT (allows foreign students to work in the US for a limited time after graduation).
Graduate Advising (MS, 4+1, and PhD):

I am no longer the CIS department graduate adviser. The new graduate adviser is Dr. Hughes,

  • Office phone: 215 204-2030
  • CIS Department Fax: 215 204-5082
  • Personal cell phone (urgent calls only, leave message): 610 564-6563